the brand


Wouldn't time be simply the best symbol of a luxurious artisan?
A real know-how is crucial to attain the most eye-catching objects,
irrespectively of the field we are talking about, in the end nothing can
replace time. Obviously, in a world where everything is moving so quickly,
taking time is the only real luxury I give myself.
Time reflects my history, my roots. My years of expertise, my life experiences
and my know-how, allowed me to establish my real legitimacy in this very elitist
luxurious environment.

Thinking of Sergio as luxury objects shall foster my creativity and my technical
innovations, as well as it shall also deliver the comfort, trust, and loyalty to my
customers in order to let them feel at ease and enjoy this certain taste.

A Sergio sample shall first and foremost represent a label of quality: the purchaser
should notice ahead that the sample was produced due to a professional know-how,
placed at the highest "Art Status" and that the cost the purchaser has to pay should
satisfy his needs because of the rarity of such a product.

The finest leatherwork of Sergio is an object of very high quality, in which distribution
and marketing are very selective. The imagination, creativity and authenticity of Sergio
label shall all participate in the luxurious definition itself.
A unique piece of the finest leather is almost a tailor-made piece rather than a serial
production. New models, which do not resemble to any other ones, with their unique
finishing touch, are produced to meet everyone's desire.

It is not the price that defines Sergio's luxury, but the possibility to run from conveniences,
to take time for oneself and to go beyond social norms.

Sergio's creations should be a new art of living: "An art of being unique".