the brand


One of Sergio's Firm fundamental crucial key is respect. A respect we express to whom has chosen a model of present label upon proposing excellence.

The luxurious leatherwork shall require the biggest number of crafts (tanners, embroiderers, craftsmen and of course creation) to be modeled.

To make his know-how endure, to work with the necessary rigor, during several stages needed to the making of the handbag, the court shoe, the belt... Mr. Sergio Achdjian is surrounded only by the best. Due to proximity, sharing and complicity in the teamwork, he fostered with time and experience every design is indeed the fruit of a unique collaboration. Sergio models shall represent the pride of craftsmen, who gave their know-how, passion and professionalism conducted personally by the maestro Sergio.

Whenever we take time to examine a Sergio model, we find ourselves driven to greet creativity, precision, elegance and fineness in each detail.

Pride of the person who wears the handbag, pride of those who contributed to its manufacturing, pride of Mr. Sergio Achdjian who makes his know-how endure and last for several generations.
Starting 2015, part of Sergio's Collection is manufactured in Italy.

Each article shall have the most marvelous accessories or the most beautiful and luxurious python skin, crocodile skin or lizard skin designated by the maestro personally, giving the only and the same feelling of: a respectful, respected and honorable work.

So join us on a journey beyond comparison to admire Sergio's fabulous collection of handbags, shoes, belts, wallets and accessories.